IAEE Awards

Each year, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events® (IAEE) recognizes and awards professionals in the exhibitions and events industry for their contributions. Industry professionals can be nominated for any of the awards as long as they meet the criteria outlined by IAEE. These awards represent IAEE’s highest honors and will be presented at Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

The IAEE Awards Program is designed to recognize those professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the exhibitions and events industry. This is your chance to recognize an individual who has forged new ground within IAEE and/or the exhibitions and events industry. Nominate someone who has dedicated his/her career to the exhibition and event industry, has attained outstanding achievement and/or has contributed significantly to the profession.

Once nominations have been received, the IAEE Awards Committee and IAEE Board of Directors will make their final selections based on merit. IAEE recognizes outstanding achievement in the following categories:

  • International Excellence
  • Pinnacle
  • Distinguished Service
  • Chapter Merit
  • Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Innovative Business Solution
  • Outstanding Marketing & Sales
  • Young Professional of the Year


QUESTIONS? Contact Mary Tucker at mtucker@iaee.com or +1 (972) 687-9226.



The IAEE International Excellence Award recognizes an IAEE member or member organization who/that produces exhibitions that have made exceptional strides as an international event. Qualifications for this award may include, but are not limited to, demonstrating significant development and/or improvement in the following areas:

  • Exhibitor and attendee growth at an international show(s);
  • Expansion of education opportunities in a particular region;
  • Industry advancement across international borders; and/or
  • Promotion of IAEE’s programs and presence on an international level.
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The IAEE Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award is presented to IAEE members who possess outstanding creativity, a positive attitude and the ability to transfer knowledge through good communication skills and innovative teaching to promote life-long learning to exhibitions and events industry professionals. Educators include IAEE-related education speakers, industry speakers, university and college faculty, and CEM faculty members.

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The IAEE Chapter Merit Award recognizes individuals whose ideas and/or work have benefited IAEE as an organization in some special way, and is generally reserved for those who have stepped forward at the chapter and/or local level.

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The IAEE Distinguished Service Award is presented to an IAEE member in recognition of an individual who has rendered distinguished service to IAEE and to the exhibition industry as a whole.

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The IAEE Humanitarian Award recognizes an IAEE member company or an IAEE member representative who demonstrates commitment to equality and social responsibility, and exemplifies unselfish giving to the well-being of humanity through aiding those less fortunate, and eliminating/reducing the pain and suffering of others.

Nominees will be considered based on examples of having a strong commitment to participating in or promoting activities that emphasize year-around social responsibility in responding to domestic and/or global issues and participates in community activities addressing a need outside of the exhibitions and events industry. Nominees will also be considered based on notable contributions to charitable organization and special recognitions received.

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The IAEE Innovative Business Solution Award recognizes achievement in the creation of new and innovative business solutions. This award may be conveyed to an individual or to a team depending upon how application is submitted.

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The IAEE Outstanding Marketing & Sales Award recognizes outstanding achievement in marketing and sales activities including outstanding performance in:

  • Total Event Revenue/Profit
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Attendance
  • Sponsorship Revenue
  • Exhibit Space Sales
  • Customer Service
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The IAEE Pinnacle Award was established in memory of the late Founder and Past President of IAEE (formerly NAEM) William Hunt Eisenman, and is presented by IAEE in recognition of extraordinary achievement in the exhibitions and events management field. The award recognizes an individual who, over the years, has furthered IAEE’s objectives of advancing exhibitions and events management through the promotion of education, the dissemination of knowledge and the introduction or development of innovative techniques, and who has been dedicated to the perpetuation of the highest ideals, trust and professionalism in this highly specialized field.

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The IAEE Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has dedicated his/her time to the progress and fulfilling the charge of a committee or task force on which he/she serves.

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The IAEE Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes excellent professional performance by someone who has committed his/her time to advancing the standing of young professionals in our industry.

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